Our aim is to put you in touch with the best financial adviser to suit your specific circumstances. Our select panel of advisors are based all over the UK and have varying specialities, meaning we will always find the best option to help you with your needs.  

All of the advisers we select are fully industry qualified through the London Institute of Banking and Finance or the Chartered Institute of Insurers.  All advisers are governed by the rules and regulations of the Financial Conduct Authority.  

We have access to advisors who specialise in all areas of financial services: mortgage brokers, protection advisers, pension specialists and whole of market independent financial advisers.  All the firms we work with are carefully handpicked by our team here at Financial Advisor Online, based on their reviews and customer satisfaction ratings.  We also heavily depend on the feedback of our own clients to make sure the adviser we’ve put them in touch with is providing the best possible service.

Our website exists purely for information purposes.  The goal is to provide more insight into various areas of financial services in an easy to read and digest format.  When you have a specific query you would like help with, that’s when we’d advise contacting us so we can arrange a chat with one of the advisers.  

Financial Advisor Benefits

To grow your savings

We all want our money to work for us and grow over time. It’s important that the investments we choose are appropriate for our attitude to risk and also our capacity to absorb any potential losses.  Studies have shown that those who choose their own strategies often don’t make the best financial decisions.

You may not choose investments that match your appetite for investment risk, or perhaps make more classic mistakes such as selling shares when markets crash or buying when the market rises.  

Financial advisers use specialist tools to create portfolios that will help you reach your investment goals and crucially match your tolerance for risk.   In the beginning, they’ll help you set up your portfolio and then provide guidance over the years to help keep you on course when markets become more volatile.  Ultimately, giving you the best possible chance for your money to grow.   

To Protect you and your family

There are a plethora of different insurance policies on the market.  An adviser can not only help you establish which policies you may actually need,  they will also be able to assess providers from across the whole market place.  They find the best provider or providers to suit your needs – whether you’re single, married, have a young family or are approaching retirement.  

Help you plan for Retirement

It’s becoming more obvious these days that we cannot rely on state pension for much more than covering the very basic essentials in retirement.  Meaning that if you want to enjoy your hard earned retirement years, it’s important to start planning ahead. The earlier you get started the easier it becomes to prepare.  

A financial adviser can help talk through what income you likely need or want in retirement.  They can talk you through various projections to help you work out what you need to do to reach your goal.

They will also help you sift through the many rules and product options, then construct a portfolio to maximise your long term prospects. 

For peace of mind

Money can be a complicated subject and there is a lot to consider to protect it and make the most of it. Markets are volatile and the media are prone to exaggerate both the risks and the rewards. 

Finding a good financial adviser can cut through the hype to steer you in the right direction. Whether you need general, practical advice or a specialist with dedicated expertise, you could find that in the long term the money you invest in professional advice will be paid back many times over.

Help you secure a new home

The mortgage market can be extremely complex and lenders have become increasingly strict on their lending criteria ever since the credit crunch of 2007.  

Buying a house is the largest financial decision most of us will ever make, and a mortgage is also likely the largest debt we’ll ever take on.

Whether you’re a first time buyer looking for some guidance through the whole purchasing process, or purchasing your next home and have complicated circumstances, a financial adviser will be able to help.  They will not only be able to recommend a suitable solution, they’ll also help you apply and guide you through to completion.